Members’ Code of Conduct

Sister Act is open to all women within the LGBT+ community. 

Every member of Sister Act has a right to access the group without fear of discrimination, abuse, harassment, breach ofconfidentiality or any other  malicious behaviour. The code relates to every part of Sister Act, including  ongoing groups; one-off events and trips; the email group and the Facebook page.

Members are expected to treat each other with respect at all times, and across all modes of communication. Abusive and discriminatory behaviour are  unacceptable. 

Members are expected to treat others’ personal and identifying information suchas names, photos and contact details with confidentiality, unless the person  concerned has agreed their details can be shared. Consent should be explicit and not assumed. 

The code also applies to family members and significant others. 

If members do not abide by the code of conduct, they may be asked to leave  the group. 

If you have concerns about the behaviour of another member, please email the moderators: