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SisterAct began in 1993 with a small circle of friends in Cambridge and now has expanded to almost two hundred members, some of whom travel from the likes of Ely and Hertford. However the majority of our members are in and around the Cambridge area.

Our members vary greatly in age, our youngest member recently turned 24 and the oldest most definitely is entitled to a bus pass. Please feel free to come along to a few events to see if SisterAct is for you!

We are a voluntary group run by the members for the members with a small team who facilitate the day to day running of the group. Each month, with the help of fellow members who submit articles and photos, a dedicated team produce the monthly newsletter.

We also have very active email and facebook groups where members can keep in touch, discuss the latest hot topics and arrange ad hoc meet-ups and events.

For more details about the email group contact SisterAct at sisteractmembership1@gmail.com.